John Maikke

Where did the name Asian John come from. I was given the nickname during my days as a semi professional pool player. Year’s later I came up with the perfect solution. Asian John’s Fast, Fresh, Grill Asian Restaurants.

Origin of Asian John

Fran Tarkenton

“Of all of my businesses throughout my career – this easily provides me with the most passion and satisfaction. It comes from the fulfillment of helping my partners meet their personal goals as they help their clients meet long-term financial goals and improve their retirement strategies.”

Pitch Deck

If I say Papa John's, what do you think of? If I say Jimmy John's, what do you think of?
John’s have pizza, sandwiches, Fish, Burgers, and Tacos. What is missing within the John’s family?  Asian food is missing. That’s where Asian John’s comes in. | Fast Casual Executive Summit |
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The Story

Asian John went from breakdancer to semi professional pool player to a household name.

Learn the trials and tribulations of creating a profitable asian food chain “Asian John’s”. Starting from his childhood all the way to a successful entrepreneur.


We take a play out of the old Wild Wild West play book with our Asian John's commercial.

A clever twist on the classic saying “There’s a new Sheriff in town” Asian John’s brings “There’s a new John in town”. Are you starting to see the vision?

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Our Menu

Future of Asian John's