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There is a branding opportunity that will change the way Asian fast casual restaurants are recognized throughout the United States. Starting in Las Vegas, Nevada, John Maikke & The Asian John’s Group will begin the opening of the first Asian John’s fast-casual restaurants to establish a place alongside other billion-dollar brands such as Papa John’s, Jimmy John’s, Taco John’s, and Long John Silver’s.


Asian John’s is proud of its main service line and the features and benefits that make up its attractiveness to this ever-growing market. The main features and benefits of its main service to its customers include that all employees are thoroughly trained by experienced professionals with considerable expertise in the foodservice and hospitality industry. Some of the strengths and capabilities of its main service as it pertains to potential market, ease of administration and availability include that we maintain high standards of quality control over the preparation of our products and train our staff the importance of responding to customer requests in a prompt and efficient manner.

architectural construction


Alternating the concept of fast food chains, Asian John’s brings a modern and contemporary style to its spaces. Also, the diversity of its designs allows it to accommodate mall spaces, drive-through and flagship stores.

OUR FLAGSHIP STORE: 60 seats / Area: 1200-1500 sq 2 / Drive through Space



A. Monday – Sunday

11:00 pm – 10:00 pm

B. Friday & Saturday

11:00 pm – 11:00 pm



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Heath Bennet


Mr. Heath Bennett is well acclaimed businessman who has had massive success in the restaurant industry under his company (Nexus Gs LLC) based in Las Vegas, NV.

Mr. Bennett specializes in product development and supply- chain management which he has utilized in order to leverage his way to success. He has partnered and worked extensively with the HIG Management group in brand development and scaling successful restaurants such as Little Tokyo, Thai max and China max and many more. Mr. Bennett is also skilled in restaurant design and employee management &training.

Emmanuel Martes


Emmanuel is a restaurateur with wide experience in Colombia, opening a hospitality group with 4 different concepts in Bogota D.C and consolidated sales of about $200.000.000 million COP monthly.

Furthermore, with his finance background in Citibank and AXA US, he also opened his consulting firm for the hospitality industry, which allowed the firm to create financial models to raise capital for different concepts at a total value of $10.000.000 USD totally.

Finally, he assisted as a consultant and advisor for an asian chain in Colombia, opening 12 points of sale.

John Maikke


Mr. John Maikke is the Founder and Owner of Asian John’s and all its subsidiaries. Mr. Maikke has a wealth of knowledge in the hospitality and food space.

He has gained his hospitality experience through business ventures that cater to locals and tourists of Atlanta, GA, along with being the head of operations for Hae Woon Dae.

He developed the Asian Johns concept after realizing the need for fast casual Asian Food in the market that is a healthier/ more appealing option to other competitors.

Hyon  S Cha


Ms. Hyon S Cha is Co-Founder of Asian Johns and its parenting company (Hae Woon Dae). Ms. Cha has been accredited with numerous awards in her 30+ years of operation, most notably for being voted #1 for The Best Korean Barbecue in Atlanta, GA. She garnered decades of experience in the food space as a chef and restaurant owner who has specialized in menu option selection and customer satisfaction.

Ms Cha has demonstrated her expertise with food by being able to supply authentic Korean food along with other Asian inspired dishes that appeals to the American demographic.

Fran Tarkenton


Mr. Fran Tarkenton serves on the Advisory Board of Asian Johns as a software and business consultant through his company Tarkenton Software.

He is a former NFL player who has gained experience in the business ofSoftware and Real Estate through his entrepreneurial endeavors.

HIG  Management LLC


The HIG Management Group specializes in the development and scaling of fast casual restaurant concepts with over 30 years of experience. They serve as consultants to the Asian Johns’s fast food chain due to their successful track record with regards to brand development, deign and execution. A few notable successful concepts consists of ChickenNow,Sekushi, Poukei, Thai Max, Little Tokyo, DJ’s Taco Bar and many more.